Sleeping and fun is the everyday life of our cats. If you want to provide your cat with such pleasure or if you need more time for yourself or blissful calm, it is solution for you.


Our furniture in form cat’s house, made from sold wood painted ral-color or wood color will be a good complement for your home. Modern shapes and precision are the advantages of our product for cats.


Comfort for you and your cat

The front of cabinet  and sides are so prepared to quickly get to the inside. The front door open and on the sides entrances, so that the cat without any obstacles go or jump inside The perfect complement to our furniture are carpets in the middle and on the top of cabinet. The give a lot of warmth and comfort for your cat.


Protect your cat

If you concerned about your cat during use, nothing can be further from the truth. Our Bono furniture is steady on the wall and your cat can play tricks.


If you have any questions or need help, don’t hesitated to contact us

Height33 cm
Width40 cm
Depth33 cm
Weight6 kg